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Spring Road Hazards

Spring is here and it seems as though everyone and everything has woken up to enjoy the outdoors. Even the warm spring rains are a welcome divergence from the freezing weather that just passed. You may feel you can relax in your driving without snowbanks and ice to contend with. State Farm has some thoughts that may make you change that thinking. The most striking note is the statistic that 74% of weather related accidents are due to wet pavement. You need to Drive into spring with wet weather wisdom!

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2015 Toyota Highlander is Awarded in KBB Event

The 2015 Toyota Highlander is given the award by the Kelley Blue Book: 2015 BEST BUY AWARDS even for best midsize SUV/ crossover. In a section loaded with great plan B, Toyota’s generally made, overall styled and decently sorted Highlander just does the best employment of flawlessly blending and matching the things that tally most into a solitary, greatly captivating bundle we esteem the standard bearer for its class.

 Kelley Blue Book, the famous trusted hotspot for vehicular data, has reported this year’s victors of the  Kelley Blue Book 2015 Best Buy Awards. After deliberately investigating an abundance of information and leading broad vehicle testing and assessment from the several models accessible for the 2015 model-year, KBB rightfully picked this present year’s Kelley Blue Book Best Buy honor victors on the grounds that they ended up being the top values in their class.

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Muscle Concept Toyota FT-1

Toyota shows one of the most beautiful muscle car in a long time. The concept Toyota FT-1 was shown at Detroit car show. This beautiful Toyota look like taken straight from racing video games and we keep fingers crossed for this model to see the light of day soon…

The Delorean Taxi

The Delorean is famous car which features in the Back to the Future trilogy years ago. Since that it becomes a cult car and the car many people decide to restore. Mike Lubrano, the New York City based designer decided to turn an old Delorean into a NYC Yellow cab. If you missed appointment yesterday, just catch a cab and get back on your meeting without a problem.

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Bugatti Atlantic 1938

The Bugatti Type 57 and later variants was an entirely new design by Jean Bugatti, son of founder Ettore. Type 57s were built from 1934 through 1940, with a total of 710 examples produced.Most Type 57s used a twin-cam 3,257 cc engine based on that of the Type 49 but heavily modified by Jean Bugatti. Unlike the chain-drive twin-cam engines of the Type 50 and 51, the 57’s engine used gears to transmit power from the crankshaft.

Car Models Back Then and Today

The 1960 were golden era for beautiful muscle cars. Since that age, a lot of new series has been made. In today’s article we will show you the first ever series of some of the world’s most famous cars starting from 1950’s and compare it to same model cars from the present day series. Let’s start from world’s famous 1964’s Ford Mustang and the latest 2012 Mustang model and continue with  other models. Scroll down and enjoy the beautiful old muscle and new modern car designs.

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The Burnouts by Simon Davidson

The thing that rush adrenaline in my blood in the racing are burnouts. There’s nothing better than smell or burn tires and the big smoke behind the cars. The Australian photographer Simon Davidson created series of photos named Burnouts with beautiful scenes from old vintage American muscle cars. Scroll down and check out his amazing gallery.

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Porshe X Facebook

About a year ago, the Porsche celebrates the million fans on Facebook, releasing an exclusive version of the GT3 R Hybrid. Design Bureau is now released in a single copy Cayman S to celebrate 2 million fans on Facebook. The car is decorated with the names and the images of the fans.

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The Manufacturing of 2014 Mercedes S Class

When it comes to luxury cars, the Mercedes S class is a best model to describe full pleasure of luxurious car. The incredible finish touch is masterpiece of Mercedes engineers who work on every details by hand ensuring that clients will get the best product possible. In the today’s article you will have a chance to see manufacturing and showcase of new 2014 Mercedes S Class and work on it’s interior design. It can be your in just above $100k for basic package…

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Celebrate My Drive with State Farm and The Band Perry

Responsible driving practices are greatly supported by State Farm’s Celebrate My Drive program and The Band Perry. The group has decided to perform a private concert in hometowns for winners of the Celebrate My Drive program.  Until October 7, U.S. and Canadian high school administrators can sign up at www.celebratemydrive.com and have students commit to driving safely from October 15-24. Two grand prize winning schools will have a concert and runner-ups will earn grants up to $25,000 or $100,000.

Celebrate My Drive wants teenagerss and the adults in their lives to discuss safety behind the wheel and how to reduce the risk of a car crash. The main source of death of teenagers is car crashes. These crashes could have been avoided had proper precautions been made and knowledge about what happens if one doesn’t buckle up or pay attention to the road could have been discussed.

“Getting a driver’s license is a major milestone in a young adult’s life, and The Band Perry is the perfect partner to help celebrate it,” said Leif Roll, Marketing Vice President for State Farm. “Teens, in particular, connect with music in a major way, so it only makes sense to partner with one of the biggest acts in music to celebrate this new generation of teen drivers. As a leader in auto safety, we feel Celebrate My Drive has proved to be a positive way to help educate teens and their parents about teen driver safety.” [Read more…]